CoC Private Switcher

Instantly switch to any Clash of Clans Private Server, no root needed !

CoC Private Switcher


You can Download the Apk and Ipa Version Below :download button 1

No ROOT needed

This is the first CoC Private Switcher that can switch between Clash of Clans Private Servers without you having to ROOT your device . Simply choose the Server you want to connect to and wait for a few seconds . We currently have over 10 Private Servers on our list which work and are online . All of them feature Unlimited Gold, Gems and Elixir, allowing you to max out everything TH 1-10 . Some of them also use Custom Mods which means that you may see some units/buildings/mechanics that are not available in the Official Server .

Why use the CoC Private Switcher ?

By using our tool, you can conveniently switch between any CoC Private Server, instantly. These servers allow you to experience Clash Of Clans in a new way, without having to pay for Gems. Instead, you get an unlimited amount of them from the start .


Play on Servers where you start with Unlimited Gems


Play on Servers where you start with Unlimited Gold


Play on Servers where you start with Unlimited Elixir

How can you contact me ?

In case the tool doesn’t work for you, or you messed something up, you can always contact me . I plan on keeping this tool updated, so I’ll always be available on this e-mail :